12-foot Enclosed Octagon Western Red Cedar Gazebo

When you purchase the 12' Octagon Enclosed Gazebo, it's as if you added a room, studio, or workshop to your home. Fully enclosed with several customized options. Crafted from Western Red Cedar, known for its warm wood characteristics, beauty, durability and outstanding weather resistance.

The addition of both the two tier roof and cupola adds more height to your gazebo. Many people mount a light in the cupola to give the gazebo and their backyard that night-time-flair. 

The 12' octagonal gazebos are one of our most popular styles and sizes. Large enough for a small party, yet small enough for an intimate gathering of 1 or two couples. Add a cupola and install a solar lighting system for late evening use. A few candles on the rails give the gazebo an almost "magical feel."

12-foot Octagon with optional cupola
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Outside Dimensions 13' 6" W x 15' 0" D x 10' 8" H Weight 2,200 lbs
Area 120 square feet Precut Package Size 48" W x 88" L x 45" D
Door Dimensions 4' 7" x 6' 1" Panelized Package Size 72" W x 87" L x 50" D

12' Octagonal Enclosed Gazebos
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$8063.00 + Shipping for 12' Panelized Enclosed Octagon Gazebo with screens and sliding windows.

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$728.00 + Shipping for Two Tier Roof

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$426.00 + Shipping for Cupola

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$90.00 + Shipping for Bench Kit (5 Max)
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